Bouncy Bunnies (6-12 mths)

This is our Baby House

In the Bouncy Bunny House we accommodate little ones from 6 to 12 months.

The ratio is 1 caretaker for 3 babies, plus an assistant.

The days are pre-planned with age specific activities :

a wide range of sensory activities, music activities, peek a boo activities

painting, ball games, balloon games, outdoor time, etc.


Each child has a Cosmo Diary where teachers fill in bottles, feeds, nappies, sleeps, tears and activities.


There is a set menu, and as soon as baby can eat, we puree the food for them. Parents can send cereal, purity, breast milk, we will store and gladly warm up.

Moms are welcome to come and breastfeed at school.

The utmost care is taken when appointing staff in the Bouncy Bunny House

The Senior Teacher/Caretakers have been with Cosmo for 7 & 10 years, and can be well trusted.